Getting Back to Work Safely

The coronavirus crisis is a world-changing event that has made saving lives and livelihoods the imperative of our times. As we approach the next normal we are helping our clients adopt a response that is both resilient and compliant.

While the circumstances around the COVID-19 pandemic continue to evolve, our resolve and commitment remains unchanged. We will use our knowledge, experience and resources to maximize safety and minimize disruption. We will maintain constant communication, provide the latest approved advice and remain vigilant and agile in our response.


Highest level of clean & compliance: 5 step plan to reopening right

Thriving in the next normal: 5 steps of cleaning for open businesses

Enhanced Services

Highest Level of Clean & Compliance

The Next Normal of Service and Support

The coronavirus is not only a health crisis of immense proportion – it’s also an imminent restructuring of how things are fundamentally done.

The current crisis demands a resilient response that implements enhanced services to effectively clean, sanitize, disinfect and protect. At CleanMark, we are supporting our clients to protect their employees, guests and facilities by implementing an enhanced service program that ensures they reach the highest level of clean and compliance.

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DaySide™ Proactive Facility Maintenance

The global health crisis is driving the next normal for cleaning standards and procedures. To protect employees and guests, proactive facility management demands adherence to stringent disinfecting and sanitization.

CleanMark offers DaySide™ – to help our community and clients reach the highest level of compliance and clean.

Dedicated personnel onsite – day or night.

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Supporting Clean & Compliance

We’re Hiring Across North America

To support the roll out of our enhanced service model with key clients across North America, Cleanmark is now hiring exceptional talent.