Equality and Inclusion

At CleanMark, we work hard to emphasize what unites us and what makes us unique.

Together, we’re striving to change the things that make anyone feel less seen, less heard and less valued.

At CleanMark, we aspire to create a company where equality and inclusion is a reality for all; where respect and understanding are at the heart of our culture; where equal access and opportunity to learn, grow, succeed and thrive are available to everyone.

Built on the bedrock of shared values and purpose, we believe our differences make us stronger.

We strive to be a compassionate, reflective, learning community, actively reaching out to bridge differences for equity through the transformation of ourselves, our organization, and our industry.

We are commited to being an intentionally inclusive employer

We are actively working with agencies such as YMCA, Agilec, EARN and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Institute

We partner with the YMCA to provide meaningful job opportunities for disadvantaged young people

The CleanMark Rewards Program celebrates employees who live our inclusive values, encourages a supportive network of colleagues and rewards success in all its forms – whether on-site or in the local community

Our 5 year + work in conjunction with Employment Assistance Resource Network (EARN) and Agilec has helped to create job opportunities at CleanMark for people with learning differences


Operational Leadership, including Senior Leadership promoted from within


Senior Leadership positions held by females

16+ YRS

Average tenure of female Senior Leadership

10+ YRS

Average tenure of Operational Leadership