Every CleanMark team member was recognized with a *Be Brilliant Award last month. The November launch of the CleanMark Rewards Program was our way of recognizing all CleanMark team members for a job well done over days, months and years of consistent service excellence. It is so gratifying to see how the program has been embraced across North America, allowing so many of our brilliant team members to be recognized on a daily basis. You are all stars and thank you to everyone who has recognized their colleagues – it has been such a positive experience and so well received. 

As we prepare to turn the page on 2021, we are delighted to return to ‘business as normal’ with an outstanding recipient of December’s *Be Brilliant Award. This team member’s dedication, passion, hard work and selflessness embodies CleanMark’s ethos. We are definitely ending the year on a high point!


*BeBrilliant December 2021 Winner:
Michele Malliat

This month we would like to recognize Michele Malliat who provides service to our Toledo, Ohio market. Michele was enthusiastically nominated by her Area Supervisor, Amanda Haywood who is extremely impressed by how she executes her role as a team lead. We’d like to share the rest of Amanda’s correspondence as we think it sums up her well-deserved award:

“Michele is a fantastic team player, who approaches every task with a positive attitude and pleasant manner. Her attention to detail is second to none and she is always willing to share her considerable expertise with her team members. She is an excellent team lead, who is both liked and respected by everyone who works with her. Whatever the task or issue, I know I can always rely on her to come through. In short, I can trust Michele implicitly to get it done.”

But it is not just for her hard work, team leading ability and can do attitude that Michele was nominated, it was also her willingness to go the extra mile, literally. The incident in question? On Black Friday, one of the most busiest days in retail Michele helped a fellow team member get to work at another site, which was a 20 minute drive away from her own work site. Michele then headed back to her work site. Michele added an extra hour of travel in the wee hours of the morning because she recognized how important it was for our teams to have stores in the best possible condition for customers to come in and shop on Black Friday. 

What is even more fabulous is that she did not disclose her actions till later that day following a chance interaction.  

They say that actions speak louder than words, and we think this example of selfless behaviour speaks volumes about what a great team player Michele really is. Michele’s humility and quiet leadership is evident. We’re all very proud of her achievements and we could not think of a better recipient to take us into 2022. 

Recognizing Brilliance
In addition to the respect and admiration of the senior management team, clients, colleagues and the whole of the CleanMark community, Michele will be receiving well-deserved recognition of her award.



Nominate Now

Our *Be Brilliant Awards recognizes and rewards the individuals and teams that go above and beyond for clients and/or colleagues. It’s an opportunity for us to give something back for a job extremely well done.

The Awards are open to everyone at CleanMark and are split into three categories:

Category 1:
Customer Service

Category 2:
Best Team

Category 3:
Outstanding Act


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