Boosting entrepreneurial talent is critical for our country’s future. Successful CEOs and business leaders from across Canada have just finished an intensive program at the Ivey Business School in London, Ontario. These entrepreneurs are on the way to taking their companies to the next level.

CleanMark Group Inc. is pleased to announce today that John Vavitsas, Founder & CEO has completed QuantumShift, a unique leadership development program and network sponsored by Ivey, KPMG Enterprise, TD, and The Globe and Mail.

Helping private businesses grow and improve their productivity is essential to building a more competitive Canada. Ivey Business School and KPMG Enterprise realize this and for the 12th year they invited a select group of entrepreneurs to participate in QuantumShift, a rigorous week-long program to give them the tools to push their businesses forward.

“The opportunity to collaborate with some of the best entrepreneurs in the country while working through the QuantumShift program created an invigorating and productive environment in which to explore new ideas”, says Vavitsas.

QuantumShift is designed to help Canadian business owners accelerate their companies. It’s for entrepreneurs who are established and ready to innovate. The program focuses on how to lead an enterprise through exponential growth; how to attract and retain the best employees; how to uncover obstacles that may be limiting growth; how to value a venture and use strategies for moving from business plan to financial proposition; and how to build a strong network of entrepreneurial peers to share best-practices.

Including the graduating class, almost 500 successful entrepreneurs have completed the QuantumShift program. John Vavitsas joins an elite group of top-tier Canadian CEOs and business leaders invited to participate in this select program.

“QuantumShift was an exceptional learning opportunity for me. CleanMark’s growth has been remarkable to date and many of the lessons learned in the past week are invaluable to continuing our growth trajectory”, says Vavitsas.


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