Download and implement the worksite safety checklist below for a safe workplace that provides the necessary reassurance to employees and guests.

Compliance to enhanced hygiene protocols helps reduce infection spread. Effective cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection is recommended by the CDC and Health Canada.

How can you be sure of achieving the highest level of commercial cleaning and workplace compliance?

From the proper use of disinfectant to effectively arranging the right PPE to protect people, partnering with the right commercial cleaning services company will ensure you implement the proper procedures, tailored to your site’s specific requirements.

Use the CleanMark worksite safety checklist provided here to ensure the safest possible environment for employees and visitors alike. It is broken down into four key areas, namely:

  • Preparing to Open
  • Social Distancing
  • PPE
  • Clean, Sanitize & Disinfect

At CleanMark, we are working to build colleague and customer confidence by providing a comprehensive, coordinated approach that mitigates risk, increases resilience and improves efficiency. At its heart is the understanding that safety for all and a seamless return to a fully functioning workplace is paramount.