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We don’t believe in a one-size-fit-all approach. Our expert teams bring decades of sector-specific experience to your scope of work, ensuring we maximize your maintenance dollar without sacrificing service.

Our CleanSmart technology allows you to benefit from real-time access and insight across your pre-agreed scope of service, including:

  • Customized service scope
  • Equipment and chemical program
  • Training materials
  • Safety & MSDS info
  • On-site audits and alerts
  • Staff schedules and service time monitoring
  • Equipment run time data
  • Real-time service reporting
We have people with theatre experience who implicitly understand the business, from seat cleaning to seasonality.
We concentrate on the cleaning so your cast members and management can focus on providing the best guest experience.
At CleanMark, we work hard to keep costs down, but we never compromise on the consistency of our service.
Our ‘Be Brilliant’ culture of being your best, attracts the best.

We currently successfully service theatres across North America.

Let CleanMark help you to reduce costs by having our employees with food handling training clean concessions, freeing your front line cast members from the task. This has shown to not only reduce hours, but from our partner feedback, allows them to leave earlier and increase morale as they will be more content at not having to complete the task at the end of a long night.


CleanMark is proud to partner with leading exhibition operators such as Cineplex and Landmark across Canada. A smart, personal service that reacts seamlessly to the various volume demand drivers faced, such as seasonality, weekday variances, movie genres and blockbuster seasons.

We work hard to deliver an outstanding guest experience at all times, from concessions sales and high traffic areas, to the theatres themselves.


We understand that theatres are complex facilities comprising of very distinct business functions – from lobbies, concessions, theatre seats and washrooms to the actual auditoriums themselves. Our unique theatre cleaning experience allows us to meet your specific needs – in all areas – adapting seamlessly to weekly, monthly and seasonal differences.

With your brand image at the forefront of our minds, we respond to the various volume demand drivers of your business such as seasonality, weekday variances, movie genres and blockbuster seasons. We get the affect these have on your theatres and how it influences attendance and concessions sales. Therefore, we know the steps needed to ensure your theatres are at their best for your guests at all times. And not only when, but crucially, where it will impact your business.

As a proud local partner with national reach, we leverage our relationships to improve efficiencies in labour and other costs while enhancing the movie experience for your guests.


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Amidst the disruption of COVID-19, organizations must coordinate an efficient, secure and fully supported cleaning process for safe facility management

Download and implement the worksite safety checklist above for a safe workplace that provides the necessary reassurance to employees and guests.

Create the right RFP for your business needs

Tale of the Tape: A Measured Guide to Procuring Cleaning Company Services

Motivations behind RFPs may vary – garnering cost savings, dissatisfaction with existing services or service comparisons perhaps – but the required outcomes remain constant across all sites. The best clean, delivered by the best people and processes for the best value.

Follow this guide to ensure your organization realizes the required long-term results.

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