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We don’t believe in a one-size-fit-all approach. Our expert teams bring decades of sector-specific experience to your scope of work, ensuring we maximize your maintenance dollar without sacrificing service.

Our CleanSmart technology allows you to benefit from real-time access and insight across your pre-agreed scope of service, including:

  • Customized service scope
  • Equipment and chemical program
  • Training materials
  • Safety & MSDS info
  • On-site audits and alerts
  • Staff schedules and service time monitoring
  • Equipment run time data
  • Real-time service reporting
When we’ve agreed the right approach, we dedicate account mangers to geographical areas to ensure clear lines of communication and a consistent delivery.
We are focused on creating deep, lasting client relationships built on service excellence, understanding and shared values.
At CleanMark, we work hard to keep costs down, but we never compromise on the consistency of our service.
Our ‘Be Brilliant’ culture of being your best, attracts the best.

As adept at managing multiple properties with multiple needs as we are at servicing privately owned buildings or single and multi-tenant buildings, our flexible model adapts to any configuration.


At CleanMark, we have been carrying out office cleaning for over 25 years across North America. Some of our clients are multi-site fortune 500 companies and some are independent owners of a single site office. Irrespective of their size or location, what unites them is they all receive a consistent, outstanding service that adapts to the singular requirements of their building.

Our approach to office cleaning is simple. Do it efficiently and do it to your specification. We work with you to improve the service where possible and introduce our CleanSmart technology to improve efficiency where appropriate.

We understand that a clean office and building makes for a safer and healthier working environment, proven to aid in minimizing staff absence through illness whilst creating a professional and inviting environment for your staff, customers and tenants to enjoy.

We work as hard to protect your brand as we do to implement operational savings and sustainable cleaning practices. A brilliant approach that has led to a 98% client retention rate across our client base.


Client Retention Rate

We look forward to discussing your site’s requirements.

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Amidst the disruption of COVID-19, organizations must coordinate an efficient, secure and fully supported cleaning process for safe facility management

Download and implement the worksite safety checklist above for a safe workplace that provides the necessary reassurance to employees and guests.

Create the right RFP for your business needs

Tale of the Tape: A Measured Guide to Procuring Cleaning Company Services

Motivations behind RFPs may vary – garnering cost savings, dissatisfaction with existing services or service comparisons perhaps – but the required outcomes remain constant across all sites. The best clean, delivered by the best people and processes for the best value.

Follow this guide to ensure your organization realizes the required long-term results.

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