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We don’t believe in a one-size-fit-all approach. Our expert teams bring decades of sector-specific experience to your scope of work, ensuring we maximize your maintenance dollar without sacrificing service.



“CleanMark is a premier solutions based contractor that not only follows adeptly, but actively enhances, national guideline programs.”

The North American grocery retail landscape is a hyper-competitive and ever-evolving one. The expansion of discount chains and mass merchandisers continues alongside significant investment by national supermarkets into a premium ‘on-trend’ customer experience – elevating existing mid-market spaces to the level of their high-end competitors. With the ‘psychological effect’ of sparkling spaces a key differentiator in the minds of customers, the importance of engaging the right partner for your facility services is paramount. 

At CleanMark, we work alongside North American banners to implement facility service solutions that understands and adapts to their shifting needs. A tailored, not ‘off the shelf’ approach, built to deliver a consistent and continuous service across multiple sites.

Our operations are supported by dedicated CleanMark Territory Managers and expert supermarket cleaning operatives. We employ industry-leading technology, intelligent reporting and streamlined billing processes that are both accountable and built to garner efficiencies. Our CleanSmart technology allows you to benefit from real-time access and insight across your pre-agreed scope of service.

In short, we maximize your maintenance dollar without sacrificing service excellence. It’s a promise we work hard to keep and it’s the reason why we’re the preferred partner for many of the largest retail organizations in North America.



“CleanMark’s organizational effectiveness starts with accountability. They say what they are going to do and they do it.”

As an independent grocery retailer you understand the fierceness of competition. Not only from supercenters and conventional supermarkets, but other formats such as dollar stores, drug stores and price impact stores who are all competing for a share of the food dollar. Investing in the cleanliness of your site is a key way in which you can maintain a loyal and lucrative customer base.

At CleanMark, we help you make the most of your knowledge and the day-to-day control you have at store level. We do this by implementing facility services solutions that work in partnership with your insight to embrace your expertise, knowledge of your site and the community it serves, geography and seasonality.

That means allocating hours to address specific issues as and when they arise, with emphasis on a flexible scope of work that adapts to your individual circumstances. We understand your customers expectations and will only suggest options that best serve your site – freeing you to concentrate on running your business.

It also means reflecting your pride of ownership. At CleanMark, we work hard to create long-term personal relationships, as we take ownership of our cleaning responsibilities.

All underpinned by the benefits of working with a company with a national presence – leveraging economies of scale, the latest reporting technologies and an unparalleled understanding of the grocery retail sector.



“As an urban smaller-format location, CleanMark immediately understood the importance of a pristine environment to our customer experience.”

The urban foodie is a discerning consumer who appreciates a wide selection of world-class gourmet products alongside high quality staples. Increasingly popular with modern millenials, your customers expect surrounding that are as enticing as they’re authentic, with an attention to detail that reflects the increased spend associated with niche retail. As an urban grocery retailer, you require a premium facility services solution that reflects your brand and its values.

You also need an approach that understands the individual nature of your business. CleanMark’s experience and expertise means it can adapt to your mixed-use needs, or support product launches and demonstration sessions with ease.

As a premium brand, we know how crucial your image is, with the cleanliness of your site a critical part of that image. Taking ownership of our work, we believe in the trust and familiarity that comes with consistent, continued service.

We work closely with you to ensure all of our cleaning products and processes adhere to your expectations. You appreciate a company with green credentials, who holds similar values to yourself. It’s an important part of who you are and you want it to be reflected in your suppliers.

You’re an integral part of the community and you want to work with a company who has local knowledge and who understands the audiences you serve. While we take pride in our national presence, we understand that it is our local knowledge that sets us apart.


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