We don’t believe in a one-size-fit-all approach. Our expert teams bring decades of sector-specific experience to your scope of work, ensuring we maximize your maintenance dollar without sacrificing service.

Our CleanSmart technology allows you to benefit from real-time access and insight across your pre-agreed scope of service, including:

  • Customized service scope
  • Equipment and chemical program
  • Training materials
  • Safety & MSDS info
  • On-site audits and alerts
  • Staff schedules and service time monitoring
  • Equipment run time data
  • Real-time service reporting
When we’ve agreed the right approach, we dedicate account mangers to geographical areas to ensure clear lines of communication and a consistent delivery.
We analyse. We adjust. We make sure every service is right for you, because we know, in this industry, if your premises don’t match your promises your customers will spend their money elsewhere.
At CleanMark, we work hard to keep costs down, but we never compromise on the consistency of our service.
Our ‘Be Brilliant’ culture of being your best, attracts the best.

We know a thing or two about the retail sector. We’ve been supporting it with our cleaning services for over 30 years. It gives us the unique understanding needed to create a comprehensive list of skills and expertise that can be moulded to each retail client’s specific objectives.


CleanMark’s retail cleaning team are specialists in providing shopping centre cleaning and facilities solutions throughout North America.

Responsible for cleaning and maintaining millions of square feet, we have quality control, customer satisfaction and cost-effectiveness at the heart of our offer. We work closely with our clients, we adapt according to their needs and we ensure that administration is kept to a minimum through easy to manage single contracts. We maximize your maintenance dollar whilst ensuring your customers receive the best shopping environment imaginable.

Working in partnership with our customers, we get to know their specific requirements, from day-to-day activities to longer term goals. Understanding shoppers’ behaviours, through footfall and seasonality, allows CleanMark to create tailored solutions that work effectively.

Shoppers are now more mobile and have more choice as to where to shop than ever before. During challenging times for retailers, it’s vitally important to satisfy the growing aspirations of your customers. CleanMark provides clean, useable and safe facilities which have measurable influences on your customers’ spend and return visits.

From the first visit, CleanMark’s dedicated shopping mall cleaning team will start developing a concept geared towards creating the most economically advantageous cleaning solution, while improving the quality of the service provided. It’s about the best use of the resources, ensuring every minute spent cleaning delivers the best possible standards for your customer.


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