At CleanMark, environmental sustainability is embedded in how we do business.

We’re driven by making things better. Better for our business and better for the environment in which it operates.

Our 360° sustainability strategy is built on two powerful pillars:

Eco Systems
For smart solutions that go way beyond concentrated cleaning products, we evaluate all aspects of our business to ensure it’s at the forefront of low-impact practices that minimize our effect on the environment.

We use technology to challenge and analyze the way we do things; all with a view to making our systems leaner, cleaner and greener.

This two-tier approach has been developed through research, evidence and economic common sense. We actively encourage our employees to join in the debate and encourage ideas from internal and external sources.

We understand the importance of sustainable practice to our clients and work hand-in-hand with them to exceed their environmental objectives.

We strive to make a positive, sustainable impact

Regular Staff Sustainability Training

Local, Smart Journeys and Fuel Efficient Fleet

EcoLogo Products – North America’s most recognized and respected certification of environmental leadership

95% Paper Free – implementing digital systems help the environment while speeding up business processes

Meeting Industry Standards – our proactive approach ensures clients are North American Best Practice Compliant

CleanSmart technology delivers real-time reporting while ensuring an exact scope of work. Our powerful, automated approach ensures leaner, greener and cleaner client sites

We build collaborative consultancy into our approach to ensure we align each scope of work with our client’s environmental objectives