It is time to announce the quarterly winner of the *BeBrilliant Awards program. As ever, the award committee have struggled to pick a winner from the outstanding candidates recognized throughout the quarter. So many of you have taken the CleanMark values of Integrity, Service, Collaboration and Passion to heart – it’s part of your DNA.

After much deliberation, we felt compelled to bestow this quarter’s award on an individual who showed outstanding selflessness and quick thinking to avert what could have been a tragic incident involving a young child at her place of work.


bonnie_duffy_crop*BeBrilliant Quarterly Award Winner: Bonnie Duffy

Please join us in congratulating Bonnie Duffy, who works at Brunswick Square Shopping Centre, Saint John, NB. We’d like to share the story that led to her award.



A Christmas Angel

In the run-up to Christmas, Bonnie, while undertaking her duties, heard calls of distress coming from one of the shopping centre’s escalators. She quickly noticed that a young child was riding upwards on the outside of the escalator. On reaching the top, the escalator is open, meaning the young child was imminently facing a highly dangerous drop to the floor below. The child’s father was standing below to hopefully catch the child if she fell.

Bonnie’s initial reaction was to press the emergency stop button on the escalator, but she feared the child may be jolted and knocked from the escalator. Instead, she raced up the escalator, through shocked patrons of the mall, to reach the top of the escalator at the same time as the child.

Bonnie told the scared child that she was going to lift her over the balustrade and to grip her tightly. After a second attempt, Bonnie was able to lift the child over the handrail to safety. In doing so she fell on her back at the top of the escalator with the child safely on top of her. Her heroic, selfless actions saving the child from serious injury.

Here is the email from Tim Doherty who is the Regional Property Manager of the mall.

The next time I am in SJ I will ask Kim to arrange for me to meet Bonnie Duffy so I can thank her personally, but I do want to take a moment and bring this possible life changing act by Bonnie to your attention. I can’t express how grateful we are for her quick and decisive action with what could have been a very tragic situation on the escalator at centre court recently. Please let her know how grateful we are for her amazing response! You have an angel on your staff!

She may have saved a family from what could have been a very sad Christmas! God Bless her for being there! Have a Merry Christmas everyone, Tim  

In addition to the heartfelt thanks from the family of the child, the Regional Property Manager and the whole of the CleanMark community, Bonnie will be receiving $100 in recognition of her award.

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