It’s hard to think of a retail sector more competitive than automotive. Its advertising spend is the largest of any industry globally. Simply browse any newsstand, billboard, webpage, television screen, mailbox or passing transit for proof. With consumers being bombarded with messages from a myriad of competing car manufacturers, your sales, management and support services need to concentrate on the customers in front of them and not the vendors behind them.


Alarmingly, recent research has shown – predominantly due to perceived cost-savings – that a significant number of car dealerships undertake their own cleaning.

Also, many dealerships who are employing janitorial service companies are spending valuable time addressing performance issues rather than concentrating on their core business.

When viewed in conjunction with the McKinsey Report’s findings that over the last decade, the average number of car dealership visits made by a consumer shopping for a new vehicle has dropped from 5 to just 1.6 – having your sales staff concentrating on selling cars, not cleaning, is critical.

Most companies these days are outsourcing janitorial service experts as it is a workable operational cost-cutting solution. A drastic cost reduction is seen when companies don’t have to purchase their costly cleaning equipment, products, and supplies. In addition to reducing cost, outsourcing cleaning services makes it a win-win for you and your employees.

The bottom line is you need to work with a janitorial services company that understands car dealerships, automaker’s expectations and how to service them both to maximize your sales potential.


Here are a few examples of how CleanMark recently helped a car dealership to realize a 12% saving on their overall facility maintenance costs while increasing their CSI scores for facility cleanliness.

  • Initiated a monthly, quarterly and annual major service process to reduce redundant nightly service items to coincide with seasonal sales initiatives.
  • Worked with dealer groups to leverage their consumable buying power to achieve savings, develop dedicated product continuity and realize private branding benefits.
  • Actively worked to develop an internal recycling program to achieve realistic environmental goals to better align with manufacturer goals.

By delivering prudent plans without disrupting the dealership environment, the client not only enjoyed a smooth transition to a new service provider, they gained a greater understanding of their real requirements, showed significant cost savings and enhanced CSI scores.

Outsourcing a janitorial service company will save you time and money, you can put your trust in experts and streamline your workload. It gives you an opportunity to shift your focus in areas of your business only you can manage.

In order to reap the benefits of outsourcing, you need to choose a service provider that understands your industry very well. The truth is one size does not fit all and not every janitorial service company is poised to meet your needs. But with the right partner, your facility maintenance can be straightforward, relatively simple and affordable.

About CleanMark Group Inc.:
CleanMark services facilities brilliantly. It does so at thousands of sites every day – at a regional and national level – implementing sector-specific expertise to address the needs of retail, education, cinema and auditorium, corporate office, health and wellness, hospitality and leisure, and automotive environments. Its success as a company and as a corporate partner is built on the delivery of a smart, personal, service built on innovative solutions, exceptional talent and operational excellence. CleanMark has been successfully providing industry-leading facility services for over 25 years and strives to be North America’s premier provider.