Leadership can take many forms, but we feel that those who genuinely care about their work, their clients and their colleagues, who lead by example and maintain a positive attitude, don’t just lead, they inspire. That is certainly the case with the recipient of August’s *BeBrilliant Award.

This month we are celebrating an individual whose kindness, compassion, hard work and positive approach has resonated profoundly with both clients and colleagues alike. Nothing is too much trouble for her and every task is undertaken with an infectious smile. As a proudly diverse employer, we were deeply touched by the effort this month’s recipient goes to in order to ensure new CleanMark team members feel welcomed not only at work, but when required, into their new communities outside of the workplace. 

*BeBrilliant August 2021 Winner:
Selam Dechassa

Selam Dechassa provides service to a retail store in the Chinook Centre, Calgary, Canada. Selam was enthusiastically nominated by her Regional Manager, Valerie Elliott and praised by the client, who’s email subject line read “Amazing Work!”. We’d like to share the rest of the client’s correspondence as we think it sums up her well-deserved award perfectly:

“I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I and my store appreciate Selam!

She’s an amazing worker, always a positive co-worker, and has been a great leader to the rest of the CleanMark team that we see in store. Everyone loves talking to her and seeing her when she comes in. And, I’ve been told on multiple occasions from my fellow co-workers that she’s a joy to work with.

Selam is a team player who goes above and beyond to deliver outstanding results at her site in a manner that is both collaborative, respectful and professional. It is no wonder she is held in such high regard, as Valerie’s nomination explains perfectly:  

“Selam is an amazing worker who comes to work every day with this amazing big smile on her face. How can anyone not like to be greeted that way?

She starts her job every single day with such a positive attitude and truly cares about her job, the staff and her colleagues. Absolutely nothing is too much trouble for Selam, and over the years she has developed into such a hard working team leader.

She supports her fellow workers to the highest degree; she sees they are successful in their integration into their new life in Canada. She ensures they are successful within the workplace and outside the workplace. Everyone looks up to her as team leader.

The CleanMark management speak very highly of our entire team and are quick to point out we just love Selam. She goes quietly about her work in a very professional manner. If someone leaves the team, Selam supports me and is always willing to jump in. This lady amazes both me and the client’s team.

She is truly deserving of this award.”

Recognizing Brilliance
In addition to the respect and admiration of the senior management team, clients, colleagues and the whole of the CleanMark community, Selam will be receiving well-deserved recognition of her award.


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Our *Be Brilliant Awards recognizes and rewards the individuals and teams that go above and beyond for clients and/or colleagues. It’s an opportunity for us to give something back for a job extremely well done.

The Awards are open to everyone at CleanMark and are split into three categories:

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