It is time to announce July’s winner of the *BeBrilliant Awards program. As ever, there has been an exceptionally strong showing from across the CleanMark community – making the award committee’s job an extremely difficult but rewarding one. 

This month we are delighted to celebrate two individuals whose collaboration over the last four months will impact the CleanMark community for many years to come. Our recent implementation of a new accounting software platform provides CleanMark with the additional agility and data it requires to support its ongoing growth in North America. Both of these individuals have exemplified CleanMark’s drive for ongoing personal development, teamwork, and collaboration. 

*BeBrilliant July 2021 Winners:
Tracy Zhu and Paolo Salazar

 Tracy Zhu and Paola Salazar are key members of our Finance and Administration team based in our head office. They were both nominated for their joint award by Jeff Ku, Vice President of Finance and Administration, who simply could not separate their outstanding collaborative work. While excellent individually, they are an exceptional team, rising to the challenges faced by the implementation of a new, complex software system. Supporting their colleagues, and each other, in a high-pressure environment as the platform was rolled out.

At its core, CleanMark is a company that believes things can be improved and made more efficient. Part of that is constantly reviewing and updating our systems to ensure they meet the evolving needs of our North American client base. With that comes personal development opportunities, to learn new database protocols, coding language or systems integration for example. Rather than being daunted by the challenge, both Tracy and Paola relished the opportunity and thrived. 

As Jeff commented in his nomination: 

 “It is truly a delight to work with such smart and hardworking people. It’s also humbling to see that so much can be learned in such a short period of time. What took me years to pick up, only took them a matter of months!”

We’re delighted for Tracy and Paola. Personal development and encouraging people to grow in their positions is at the heart of the CleanMark Community. As Jeff so rightly noted:

“Paola has grown tremendously from her start at CleanMark until now. She is quick to learn new things and is always willing to help out. She continues to develop her accountancy and analyst expertise. I am really proud of her achievements.”

“Tracy joined us at the end of 2020 and has been non-stop with CleanMark from day one. In addition to having to learn our existing systems she also had to learn our new system; evolving old processes and data into a new platform in a matter of months. Our monumental task would not have been as smooth if Tracy was not on our team. It is terrific to work along someone with such breadth of skill.”

He rounded off his nomination by remarking:

“CleanMark is fortunate to have these 2 strong women in finance and accounting. What they have done and accomplished is not trivial, but should be celebrated.”

We could not agree more. 

Recognizing Brilliance
In addition to the respect and admiration of the senior management team, clients, colleagues and the whole of the CleanMark community, Tracy and Paola will be receiving well-deserved recognition of their award. 


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Our *Be Brilliant Awards recognizes and rewards the individuals and teams that go above and beyond for clients and/or colleagues. It’s an opportunity for us to give something back for a job extremely well done.

The Awards are open to everyone at CleanMark and are split into three categories:

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Outstanding Act

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