Outstanding customer service delivered by dedicated staff continues to be a key differentiator driving significant US expansion, with clients at newly acquired sites in the MidWest paying particular attention to CleanMark’s unique approach to personnel – symbolized by its “invest in  people” policy.

The premise is simple – built on the understanding that the secret to CleanMark’s success is, and always will be, its people. Investing in  people makes us better at what we do, it enhances career development opportunities within CleanMark and we’re proud of the performance  levels our employees achieve as a result.

The benefits to clients can be broken down into four key areas:



By deploying a long-term, loyal workforce at your site,  you will benefit from working alongside people that  build a relationship with you, and who gain your trust by  meeting your site’s specific needs over time.



Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly  who is working at your facility at all times. Rather than a  ‘revolving door’ of transient staff, the people employed to  maintain your site are trained, certified, and back-checked  professionals supported by equally dedicated managers.



From floor cleaning expertise to crucial experience of  how to properly implement COVID-19 measures, many  of our employees bring decades of commercial cleaning  experience to your site.


Extra Mile

The nominations we regularly receive from clients and  managers across North America for our monthly *Be  Brilliant Awards are a testament to the commitment  shown across the CleanMark Community, day in and  day out.

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