CleanMark are very proud to be featured in the recent Business in Focus Magazine, where feature writer Robert J. Hoshowsky hones in on our 25 years in business and looks at the reasons behind that continued success. Among other key highlights, the feature explores the importance of being a values-based organization, as well as how establishing a nationwide network of local expertise has played a pivotal role in driving our strategic expansion.

Hoshowsky writes:

“One of North America’s most recognized and respected facility management companies, CleanMark is founded on values of service, integrity, collaboration, and passion.

Today, following decades of sustained organic growth, CleanMark deploys a workforce of more than 2,000 employees and certified service providers. Its client list spans North America, encompassing a diverse range of sectors, territories, and client requirements—from coast-to-coast retail chains to single site condominium owners.”

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