Consistency is key in commercial cleaning. The best clean, delivered by dedicated employees, deploying an advanced, automated service model delivers long-term reassurance to single and multi-site clients alike. A consistent service experience, whether the site is in Toronto or Toledo, not only builds trust, it helps to streamline processes, imparts opportunities for real-time data collection and analysis, simplifies invoice management and synchronizes seamlessly with other systems and departments in the organization.

CleanMark’s CleanSmart system empowers you with the real-time information you need to manage your site effectively and efficiently.

The benefits to clients can be broken down into four key areas:


Real-time Response

Receive attention and a response to a request from accountable personnel in real-time. Instant identification and response to all eventualities secures compliance while ensuring brand standards are maintained.


Remote Control

Remotely track requests, issues, and response times across multiple sites and time zones. Recorded data in real-time with photographic evidence ensures expectations are exceeded.


Powerful Tracking

Want to know how a site looked 6 months ago? No problem. With our CleanSmart system clients can access images, personnel comments and audit scores and compare them with current trends… It’s that simple.


Realize Efficiencies

Taking control of staff schedules and service time monitoring to get the most from your maintenance dollar.

For Site Managers, cleaning often ranks as the biggest line item cost in a facility’s budget. Employing our CleanSmart system will inevitably save time and find the value in a service through streamlined processes, increase customer satisfaction and the delivery of tangible operational efficiencies.

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