In the North American retail environment, an off-the-shelf approach doesn’t cut it when it comes to providing facility services to single or multi-site clients. Simply applying the same blueprint from store to store, mall to mall and retail site to retail site can be inefficient – potentially leading to budget inaccuracies, superfluous services and unnecessary billing.

Cleaning is one thing, planning is everything.

Industry-leading project management begins with an in-depth and tailored plan. Strong client and contractor communication is key to any planning phase – which in turn provides the critical understanding necessary for the success and ongoing cost-effectiveness of each project.

Every planning phase should always begin with one simple question: “How can we work more efficiently and do things better”. The client’s goals and objectives may form the basis of the plan, but the best contractors will also bring their operational experience and expertise to bear. An ability to think outside of the big box, so to speak.

Here are a few examples of how prudent planning recently helped a CleanMark client to realize a 22% saving on their overall facility maintenance costs without sacrificing their service level.

  • Leveraging chemical vendor relationships allowed the client to benefit from better pricing and a better product, which in turn increased wet-work efficiencies.
  • By extending the timeframe for disruptive operations, such as a scheduled wet-work, the client was able to better forecast their staffing needs, utilizing existing staff working with the support of CleanMark employees. By harmonizing the store re-work, the most time and resource efficient approach was adopted.
  • CleanMark labour tracking precisely outlined real-time performance, which in turn led to the realization that the previous contractors budget was inaccurate and could be reduced accordingly.

By achieving higher than expected outcomes through predictable planning, the client not only enjoyed a smooth transition to a new service provider, they gained a greater understanding of their site’s requirements, whilst enjoying significant cost savings and an enhanced service level.

CleanMark currently services over 1500 retail sites across North America.