It is time to announce March’s winner of the *BeBrilliant Awards program. As ever, there has been an exceptionally strong showing from across the CleanMark community – making the award committee’s job an extremely difficult but rewarding one.

This month we are delighted to celebrate an individual who supports and collaborates with our field on a daily basis. Our recent MidWest rollout – that involved cross-team coordination to help facilitate multiple site launches – is of no exception. As conscientious as she is calm under pressure, her collaborative and team approach is valued and admired. Many in our organization have commented on her smart choices and positive persona. In short, a valued team member who is an absolute pleasure to work with. 

*BeBrilliant March 2021 Winner:
Laura Bailey

Laura Bailey is a key member of the Shared Services and Support team based out of our corporate headquarters. In her role, Laura’s work crosses all geographies and touches on every aspect of CleanMark’s delivery. From the aforementioned launch of new sites in the MidWest to helping to facilitate a technical solution at head office, Laura brings professionalism, enthusiasm, and positivity.

As Andrew Paquin, Senior Director, US Midwest wrote:

“Laura is a gift, a true gem within the CleanMark organization. Always pleasant, warm, eager, and happy to help. In her voice you can hear her smile, she’s always down for a laugh, and she always, always, sincerely asks, “how are you doing?”. She is often a bright spot in a long day – her timing is like that. Laura really is the embodiment of the CleanMark values: integrity, service, collaboration, and passion, and so well deserving of this recognition.”

Laura’s winning personality is certainly infectious.

“I knew Laura would excel in anything she put her mind to. She is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure she delivers excellent customer service to all Territory Managers, RDs and VPs. She is nothing short of a human sponge – absorbing a wealth of information and applying it immediately in her day-to-day responsibilities.”

Sophia Harris, Regional Vice President, Eastern Canada

A sentiment echoed by Damaris Dougan, Regional Manager MD, DC, VA, PA.

“Laura is a person with a beautiful and kind heart and exceptional patience – always resolving challenges with forethought and understanding, solving issues accurately and in record time. Thank you Laura for all your support and kindness.”

Peter Androutsos, Ph.D., Director of Innovation, Technology, and Integration, who wrote:

“I would take a moment to nominate Laura Bailey for the *Be Brilliant Award this month. Working with Laura on a couple of recent projects has always come with the same attitude of positivity from of her. On all occasions, she has been upbeat and easy to collaborate with. It’s always great to work with someone who is appreciative of things that work well. Laura is always happy to listen, compromise, and adjust her process and procedures to help facilitate a technical solution.”

At CleanMark, we strive to offer smart, long-term solutions that bring tangible value to our clients. In some instances that can encompass millions of square feet spread across thousands of miles and consist of hundreds of sites. Yet, as we continue to expand our operation, we never lose sight of the fact that it is a strong team effort delivered by outstanding individuals like Laura, that fuel the continued growth.

Recognizing Brilliance
In addition to the respect and admiration of the senior management team, clients, colleagues and the whole of the CleanMark community, Laura will be receiving well-deserved recognition of his award.


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Our *Be Brilliant Awards recognizes and rewards the individuals and teams that go above and beyond for clients and/or colleagues. It’s an opportunity for us to give something back for a job extremely well done.

The Awards are open to everyone at CleanMark and are split into three categories:

Category 1:
Customer Service

Category 2:
Best Team

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Outstanding Act

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